10 Ways to Balance Work and Family Life

10 Ways to Balance Work and Family Life

Good managers know that one of the best ways to ensure a staff’s productivity is for the employees’ home environments to be as happy as possible. Study after study shows that when people have stable and thriving families, they’re more creative, energetic, and dependable at work. When employees know you care about them, they’ll work hard ethically and with loyalty. You’ll be amazed at the change in your company culture if your company incorporates a few guidelines that encourage a happy family life.

An organization can advocate for occasional outings for employees to have lunch with their children at school. Management could keep a small library of family help books and videos in the company breakroom. The business can hold an annual company picnic for employees and their families. Bosses can let their employees know they care about their families and keep an open-door policy to be available to listen. Leadership can encourage the staff to sign up for the All Pro Dad Play of the Day or iMOM’s Espresso Minute. But what can you do to balance work and family life, even if you’re not a manager? Here are 10 ways for you to consider and share with co-workers.

1. Calendar your kids.

We are all busy. Make sure to schedule a specific time just for your children. Add that time to your calendar so the time is blocked and doesn’t slip your mind.

2. Give equal passion at home.

Most men work very hard at their jobs. But do you give the same passion to your family? The most important work you will ever have is being a husband and a father. Prioritize your life in such a way that your passion is divided appropriately each day.

3. Focus on your core values.

Consider the things that are most important to you and let them be your guide. In his book Uncommon, Coach Dungy refers to this as “finding our landmarks.” When you get lost, those landmarks will guide you back safely to where you belong.

4. Lighten up.

From the same book, Coach Dungy also asks the question, “Are you ever silly around your kids?” Life is serious business. Yet, we must be able to relax enough to find joy as well. Never totally lose the spirit of the child you once were. Relax and smile.

5. Build a team at work.

Most people take on too much alone. But success is usually the result of teamwork. Trust the people you work with and share your duties with them. You will create more time for what’s most important.

6. Get a tune-up.

Over time, our lives become clogged with unnecessary time consumers. Optimize your own engine by cleaning out whatever wastes your time. Take a look at your personal habits and how you spend each minute of your day. Rid yourself of the needless waste.

7. Hire a babysitter.

If you are married, build yourself a network of reliable and trustworthy caretakers for your children. A healthy relationship requires attention and work. You and your wife need time alone together. When you find good babysitters, treat them right and pay them well. They are invaluable.

8. Find an outlet.

We all need an outlet. Maybe it’s hiking, fishing, basketball, golf. There are hundreds of ways for you to release stress. This is mentally healthy, as long as you keep it in a proper perspective.

9. Be flexible.

We all have expectations of how we want life to be. But sticking too rigidly to your expectations can create undue stress. It’s important to be flexible in how you deal with the chaos life brings. Adapt and improvise.

10. Live a purpose-driven life.

I believe we are created in God’s image and that He has a purpose for our lives. We all have unique gifts and traits. Learning who you are and why you are here clears so much confusion. Zero in on your purpose and your life will follow it.