Our Formula
For Infinite Potential

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  • Have Fun

  • Build A Family

  • Experiment

  • Learn

  • Teach

  • Grow

Have Fun

Whether you are a child, a teacher, or a parent, having fun provides the energy and inspiration to continue growing.

Play-based learning taps into the spirit of children and engages the desire to learn how to learn.

The Fractal team also strives to have fun with what they do--and tap into their inner child. We encourage everyone to have fun in order to enjoy their experience each day.

Build A Family

Everyone needs a support system and a home away from home. Fractal schools aim to provide a trust-filled environment, where feeling safe also allows for deeper relationships and connections to form.

Strong school families are built on shared experiences, traditions, and memories. Our schools intend to create relationships beyond the classroom for teachers and parents as well as students. We aren't clocking in and out. The Fractal Family aims to build lifelong friendships.


Experimentation is both an imaginative and scientific approach to gain new insights. We encourage intentional risk-taking at all levels of our organization and schools in the form of experiments, testing new ideas big and small in order to learn from a mistake or apply what works.

Children love applied learning in the form of experiments. It speaks to their natural curiosity and fosters inquisitive engagement.

Fractal is constantly testing new ideas to apply what we've learned into our schools and to build the best organization possible. Our quality and standards continually improve as well as our ability to attract and develop talented educators.


Learning how to learn is the foundation of education. We learn from mistakes as well as from victories. Watching children gain new confidence from learning inspires our entire community and prepares our students to continue their next phase of development.

Our schools and the Fractal organization participate actively in the learning process. Fractal team members are onsite frequently supporting beyond what a single school could manage. Ongoing education, training, and cross-application of best practices across our schools also facilitate continual learning for our teams.


Teaching is the responsibility of those who have already learned. The best educators love passing on their knowledge and gain further learning in the process. Our educators see educating children as more than a job. Fractal seeks educators who care about their children as if they were their own family.

We encourage students and parents to also think of themselves as educators. The best relationships are mutual.


Growth is the ultimate reward and feeling of accomplishment. More than a goal, growth allows us to look back and appreciate the journey along the way.

Fractal focuses on children's growth in many different dimensions: social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral. While some growth naturally occurs with time, the right setting and family of educators can change a child's life.

Our goal is to also provide growth for our team with unique opportunities and a path to expand their career as educators and professionals.