Choosing Quality Childcare

When it comes to finding child care, you want a program that’s convenient, open when you need it, and within your budget. But most importantly, you need a child care program that makes sure children are safe, healthy, and learning. To make sure the program can support your child, family, and your ability to work, it’s important to choose a quality child care program.

Quality child care offers children supportive, nurturing relationships with trusted teachers, and positive, diverse learning experiences. For children ages birth to 5 years, quality child care settings can make sure your child is ready for school. In these early years, children’s brains develop quickly. The experiences they have during this time will influence how they learn and develop in years to come. These experiences will also encourage the skills and attitudes children need to succeed in school and throughout life. You can learn more about supporting your child’s development by visiting’s “Your Child’s Development” section.

How can you find quality child care and what does a quality child care program look like? has the tools and resources you need to make the best choice for your child.