Amy Lawson

Wellspring Academy
Executive Director

Amy Lawson brings over 30 years of dedication to her role as Executive Director at Wellspring Academy. Her journey began with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas, where she developed a passion for nurturing young minds. Amy has held various roles including preschool teacher, school director, child care licensing investigator, and trainer, providing her with a deep understanding of educational dynamics.

At Wellspring Academy, Amy is committed to creating a safe and enriching environment where children thrive. She finds fulfillment in seeing children feel known, cared for, confident, and enthusiastic about learning, emphasizing the importance of equipping them with essential skills for lifelong success. Outside of work, Amy resides in Little Elm with her husband, Patrick, and enjoys expressing her creativity through painting, sewing, and creating with mosaics and glass, while cherishing time with their fur babies, Mimi Doodlebug and Izzy Belle.