Courtney Pittmon

Children's Safari Private School
Program Coordinator

Courtney Pittmon serves as the Program Coordinator at Children’s Safari Private School. Her journey with the school began in 2010 when she joined as a 2’s teacher. Courtney’s dedication and expertise quickly propelled her to the position of lead teacher in every age group within the center. Courtney’s comprehensive experience across all areas of the center has made her an invaluable asset to the team, ultimately leading to her appointment as Program Coordinator. As a mother to a young son who grew up at Children’s Safari, Courtney intimately understands the significance of early childhood education and is passionately committed to cultivating a nurturing environment for young children. Courtney Pittmon’s dedication and experience make her an exceptional Program Coordinator at Children’s Safari Private School, where her goal is to provide young children with the nurturing environment they need to thrive.