Jahveniz (Jay) Rojas

La Tribu Rural
Program Coordinator

Jahveniz (Jay) Rojas, originally from the vibrant shores of Puerto Rico, discovered her passion for caregiving at a young age. Growing up in Florida and now calling Texas home, she has always been deeply committed to nurturing others.

Her journey began with caring for family members and volunteering at her mother’s daycare, where her natural talent for caregiving flourished. At the age of 17, Jahveniz embarked on her career in early childhood education, starting as a caregiver at a local preschool. She has held various roles throughout the years, from lead teacher in the infant room to assistant director, leaving a lasting impact on students and colleagues.

Driven by her thirst for knowledge, Jahveniz pursued higher education, earning her Associate of Arts degree and becoming a certified yoga instructor. Her career expanded into mental health care roles before a pivotal encounter with the Montessori philosophy in 2022 redirected her path.

Inspired by the transformative potential of the Montessori approach, Jahveniz wholeheartedly embraced this new direction, immersing herself in its principles of child-led learning and independence. Today, she continues to inspire as both a student and teacher, making a profound impact on the field of education with her compassion and unwavering dedication.